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Ix Cana Design Studio Branding Identity

Ix Cana Design Studio is the biggest and longest project of Studio Two. Ix Cana Design Studio was founded by Lorraine Diaz and is a home-based business in Granada Hills, California. Diaz is an interior designer, creative entrepreneur, and artist. She wanted a business that would fuse all three categories, along with retail shop specializing in Mexican home accessories. She enjoys home staging, decorating, event styling, and teaching art. Her inspiration comes from Mexican and Spanish culture with its traditional and modern aspects. She hosts creative workshops at her home-based studio to teach traditional Mexican arts and crafts and has been doing so for the last three years. Recently, she decided it was time for her to bring life to Ix Cana with a branding identity and a website. Diaz’s goal is to have a branding identity that reveals the fusion of all her services. She wanted her logo to show strong ethnic character, strong feminine aspects and the different skills and use of colors. 

Check out her website I designed

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